Saturday, September 15, 2007

IMPORTANT BREAKING BULLETIN. Or: fun ways to make people pay attention using the ALL CAPS function

This post is likely neither breaking nor a bulletin (possibly some of you even already knew this important information yourownselves, but I am so far removed from America that, on 9/11, I did not realize the significance of the day for the first time until I got a text message about it from our country director, which is merely an example of how my information-gathering timetables have changed), but the trailer for DANIEL ATHERTON'S NEW MOTION PICTURE "Be Kind Rewind" are now all over the internets, and can be found at this URL:
This motion picture will be released on January 25, 2008, and will be permiering at Sundance. I expect you all to go see it eight or ninety-seven times, and then send letters to New Line stating that you only supported it because of the fine work done by the assistant to the assistant to the director, who will be credited in the SAME CLOSING CREDITS AS JACK BLACK as "Additional Production Assistant."

Slightly less important addendum: The aforementioned motion picture is not, technically, mine, so much as it is Michel Gondry's. But it remains entirely possible that our names will each be shown AT SUNDANCE an equal number of times. So it's a trifling difference, really. Incidentally, if you see this motion picture and find yourself unable to control your jonesing to see my name on a screen, please drive to your nearest Crappy Movie Rental Outlet and rent "Phat Girlz," starring MoNique and costarring some hideous racial and body-image stereotyping! I have also seen this film on Showtime, for reasons that I can only guess to have included some sort of ransom note involving the president of that channel.


Anonymous said...

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