Thursday, March 27, 2008

The dog days of spring. Or: Places where puppy punnery is totally inapuppriate.

[in the process of being edited for some really fun reasons that cannot be explained]

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ruth said...

Man, that seems like a tough situation. Living with strangers causes many tensions, so you were probably bound to fight about something at some point. And maybe you felt more strongly about this issue because of your own dog (which I'm sorry about), and maybe he was on edge about his mother or about something else. So the fight was bigger than it had to be. People in positions of power, particularly people who feel uncertain in their power, don't like to be questioned. So he may be flipping out about this because it shows he's weak or something for him. It must be frustrating how he's acting because it sounds like a throwback to 50's America where the father was always right, and that's alien to how we were brought up. It seems like you did the best you could to diffuse the situation. You can probably get things worked out in the long run. I doubt the Peace Corp will want you to move -- it would create a huge hassle for them -- so if you can't work it out on your own you could find someone to mediate for you. Maybe you could teach them some simple English, so that even if they'll never be able to communicate much, they'll feel they're learning something. They may not be up for intensive study either.

So good luck. On another note, I was thinking the other day that your blog will provide great material if you ever want to write a screenplay about a young man going off to Georgia for the peace corp or some other reason. It could have serious parts along with comedy such as jokes about Georgia the state and Georgia the country. Like when I was telling Mr. Butler about Uni people a long time ago and mentioned you and he said "He's going to Georgia for the Peace Corp? I didn't know things had gotten that bad there."