Monday, November 12, 2007

Some Links Before I Leave Work to Sate Your Appetite for Caucasian Politics. Or: If That Adjective Confused You, Re-Read Some Earlier Posts, Please

Reuters: Top U.S. Official Backs Georgia's Embattled Leader
Chicago Tribune: Georgia Crackdown Vexes U.S.
AFP: US Envoy in Georgia to Push for End to Emergency Rule
Civil Georgia: Opposition Coalition Names Presidential Candidate
Civil Georgia: Crisis Recedes As Election Season Begins to Unfold
Civil Georgia: Saakashvili: Test for Georgia's Statehood Passed

Also, there was a major oil spill involving Russian oil tankers in the Black Sea, relatively near to Georgia (although much nearer to Ukraine). Apparently huge winds sank five ships. Perhaps it was the same wind that destroyed my window. Or a wind-cousin. The wind must be stopped. No good can come of it.

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