Thursday, November 8, 2007

Times Are Getting Interesting. Or: I Said I Wanted to Go to Turkey on VACATION.

So, as you may have heard, the situation in this country got pretty interesting over the course of the last 24 hours (if you haven't heard, you can read about it here). I don't have time today to give a from-the-ground overview (also, the NYT article does a pretty good job), but I will try to write one soon if I am able. I just wanted to let people know that Peace Corps volunteers are safe, and that Peace Corps has some crazy delicious security policies that ensure you don't have to worry about us at all. I was, in fact, told by my Peace Corps supervisor to go home from work yesterday, despite no activity whatsoever in my village, to the general derision of my coworkers ("We'll let you know if we all get killed," they said). And we are on alert, which means that if the dirt goes downtown, we'll be whisked away faster than something that is whisked quite fast indeed. But I shall explain everything to you in greater detail soon.


Oh, and on a pretty trivial note, I have learned how to make my endless footnotes, which surely cause you consternation, into links, so you can click on them instead of scrolling all the way down manually just for a poop joke, and then hit "back" on your browser to get back to the main part of the post. Hopefully this will be helpful for you. I have edited these links into my last post, and will edit them into other previous posts as well if I have the time, but they should be in all footnoted posts from now on.

Comments on either of these developments are welcome. More later.


paul said...

I came across your blog looking for Georgia news (I was just in Armenia this summer, so I'm familliar with the region). I found it hilarious- I love the wonderful morbid humor of your coworkers along with your line "we'll be whisked away faster than something that is whisked quite fast indeed."

Your super breaking news took me aback to the point where I nearly screamed holy crap out loud in the middle of the office. Luckily it was much softer than it could have been, but that is shocking news I almost don't believe. I'll be watching and waiting to see if you aren't lying to me! ;-)

RPCV said...

Georgia is worse because the Director visted just as this happened. He spoke to some Deputy minister who left or something.

There is alot of pressure to get the vote done in countries that have had coups or military juntas. Pakinstan just announced elections in February. Fiji just arrested a bunch of businessmen from NZ and sold the public TV to private ownership, Philippines are still working and Thailand has alot of pressure too.

The Fiji coup seems to go back to Shayes. The Georgia to the Director and the FSB spies. The DR hurricane is, of course, due to Dodd running for President.

Good luck