Thursday, December 6, 2007

Too tired to write a post title. Or: Also too tired to write a funny joke here.

Hello, friends. It has been quite a while since I have stopped by. This is because I have been so ridiculously busy. After tomorrow, I will only have been in my actual office for four out of a possible ten work days this week and last week. Tomorrow I am making my third trip away from site in the last two weeks for Peace Corps official meetings; last Wednesday through Sunday I was at our annual All-Volunteer conference, this Tuesday and Wednesday I was at a Language Intra-Service-Training in Batumi, and tomorrow I will be at a Host Family Regional Meeting in Kutaisi. I should probably put a picture of myself in my office, so my coworkers remember what I look like. Incidentally, what I look like increasingly is Chewbacca. This is only a slight exaggeration. I have not touched my face or hair with scissors, other than a couple minor moustachal-trimmings, in at least two and a half months. It is epic. As I mentioned in my last post, I cannot tell whether everyone in Chokhatauri is simply ambivalent about this, or if they're suppressing a deep loathing. It seems sort of in between. But when I mention shaving it to other volunteers they all tell me not to. So I'm thinking of keeping it at least until Christmas, to see if it affects my status during the "random" passenger checks at airports.

So anyway, the first of those meetings was the most influential in terms of the Dan Stress Level Index, otherwise known as the YOU HAVE A LOT OF SH#T TO DO GO DO IT Index. AllVol is where volunteers, among other things, begin to become responsible for all the secondary projects and committees that we're involved in here alongside our primary missions, which since the last AllVol have been led by the volunteer group one year ahead of us. Now we're assuming the mantle for these projects, and I suddenly have a lot of things on my plate, because I signed up for a couple things and then realized I already had a bunch of other things. I kind of want to go into the last couple weeks for you in detail, because they were quite eventful, so hopefully I can get to that this weekend (perhaps promising such in print will force me to do it), at which point I'll describe AllVol and IST for you and tell you the number of things that AREN'T EVEN MY ACTUAL JOB that I have stupidly committed to (hint: the answer is a number between four and six). Until then, just know that I am veryvery busy all the way up to the holidays, when I am going to join my family in London for ten days unless I get arrested under suspicion of hiding a bomb in my beard before I can get to Heathrow, and if there is something you need that I don't get back to you on in this time frame, I am very sorry. But I will attempt valiantly to keep blogging, so keep checking back for fun updates like, "This hotel room has HOW MANY bathrooms?" and, "Why you think the first snowfall of your service will be all fun and games until it turns into a huge blizzard on the exact day you have a journey to the capital ahead of you and that journey turns into sitting on a bus for eight and a half hours next to a man with a suspicious scab."

Hope all is well. More this weekend. And, yes, I know I promised something like this last time. This time I am not blatantly lying to you. I would never do that. Again.

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