Sunday, December 16, 2007

We did it! Or: Or I did it, or you did it. Not really sure.

STUNNING SUPER TERRIFIC IMPORTANT DEVELOPING DEVELOPMENT: in the latest refreshed blog hits world map (which you can see if you click on its thumbnail in the sidebar, if you care, which you don't), there is a dot somewhere in central Brazil, meaning that someone in central Brazil found my blog, probably accidentally after searching for "fun things to do in Atlanta" or "non-invasive herpes medication" or something, meaning that I have now had blog visitors from all six continents on which people actually live (that would be North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia, for those of you who skipped Geography 1). Hooray! This means that one or two people on a couple continents are actually interested in the content of this blog, and many other people on every continent have been tricked by Google into finding it when really they're looking for, you know, actual information! But that still counts, friends!

I am going to go celebrate by eating some meat in a tortilla covered in mayonnaise.

1 comment:

ruth said...

I am impressed by all the blog hits you have! You have friends all over the world. Do I win a faithful reader prize for getting a big dot by me?