Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Funders, stand and be recognized. Or: I can't actually see you, so you probably don't have to literally stand.

Friends, if you scroll down two posts, you will see a shameless request for money from me, relating to a project that I wrote for/with my organization to be able to purchase camera equipment so that local children can learn how to make documentaries. This project has been funded fully by.....someone. I know one of the donors (my parents.....this SOUNDS somehow like cheating, but I assure you it is not), but the rest of the funding was donated by people who have not made themselves known to me. They may have been contacted by Washington, or they may have been people I told about the project, or they may have been people who clicked on the link I provided below. If you donated to my project, please let me know that you did so. I want to make sure that I thank those who helped get the project started, and I want to make sure I know who to provide with updates on the project as it moves forward. Thanks very, very much, if you did.

And, if you did NOT donate, but were THINKING about it, I will give you half credit. If you did not donate because you clicked on the link INTENDING to donate but discovered the project to be funded already, I will give you 3/4 credit. Once you accrue 500 credits, you win a small stuffed bear.

Note: the small stuffed bear's ears have been cut off. I used them for my Halloween costume.

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