Thursday, January 10, 2008

VERY IMPORTANT POST READ THIS. Or: I know what I said a while ago. I lied.


We interrupt the sequence of promised posts for this breaking bulletin. I know I said last time I mentioned my documentary project that I didn't want to use this space to pimp it any more, but I lied. Or something. HERE YOU SHALL FIND the summary of my project on the Peace Corps website, and directions towards donating to it online. If you click on the link at the bottom, it will take to you a large list of volunteer-written projects such as mine. Scroll down to mine, since the others are lame justkidding, and enter your donation into the box. I do not know what happens after this, since obviously I cannot donate to my own project to test it out. Probably this is tax-deductible, or something, but I do not know the rules about this. I can find out, if you would like me to. Please please please please donate to my project, and do so quickly, because the necessary materials are, well, necessary soon for the success of the club. And the kids are really into the club. I am proud of them.

I would, however, like to get them to at least slightly diversify their thoughts -- there has been a successful ECO club here for a few years, so when I asked for essays on what they thought could be improved in their community, I got six essays on cleaning up litter and one on people who sit in the park all day. And, I mean, that's terrific, but hopefully we end up with fewer than six documentaries on litter, and more than one on anything else. ANYWAY. Donate to my project, and I will love you forever (this is a nonbinding agreement).

Thank you.

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