Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Even Americans Are Now Fascinated By Bearinacage

I don't have a new journal entry, but I wanted to respond to Tahnee's comment about Bearinacage in my last post. I will definitely try to find out more, but I don't have the language skillz to figure out whether my host mom is asking if I want something from the store vs. asking if I want to come with her TO the store, so I highly doubt I could ever say anything like, "Excuse me, could you please discuss bearinacage? Specifically, why Bearinacage is, in fact, inacage and not, perhaps, inazoo? You know that Bearinacage poopsinthecage, right? And that Bearinacage is really Bearinanunsanitarycage? Or Bearinadepressingcage?"

UPDATE: I have asked a current Peace Corps volunteer who works where I have language class about Bearinacage. Apparently there are bears in the wild somewhere around the city, and the people often capture them and keep them in such cages. There is also, apparently, a zoo in Tbilisi that is just as bad to its animals. I doubt the concept of "animal rights" has much traction here. Kids feed Bearinacage sunflower seeds and cigarette butts. I believe one child got his hand bitten off by Bearinacage once.

To sum up: Bearinacage is an endless, and endlessly depressing, enigma. Fin.

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Kyle said...

Ok, just caught up and... wow. Bearinacage is awesome. Well, maybe not awesome. But aw-something...