Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Swear I Still Like You. Some of You. Or: OK, That Was A Lie

Hey no new journal post but I wanted to mention that I've only been getting online during my half-hour break in the mornings (since there's wireless internet at the place where we have language class), and I can't do much in half an hour. So if I reply to someone's Facebook message or IM someone or e-mail someone but not everyone, I am very very very very sorry. Usually I'm mid-message when I start getting glared at by my teacher and I have to shut my computer off. I might start going to the internet cafe after our afternoon classes, but we're usually really tired by that point and everyone always wants to go to a bar (I will need to post about yesterday, when we started getting plied with vodka and beer and cherries by strange but gregarious Georgian men at a only supra-esque experience since I've been here)(a supra is a Georgian feast with copious alcohol and dozens of toasts, if I haven't mentioned that yet). But I want to be in better contact with most of you; I sent some texts but I don't think all of them went through.

My break is over so I have to wrap even this tiny post up. Keep on keepin' on, over there.

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