Friday, June 22, 2007

Wow -- Gori Edition

Greetings from Gori, a city of ~60,000 (or so I've been told) in North Central Georgia. We got here yesterday after six days of orientation in a small Georgian village called Tabakhmela, outside the capital city of Tbilisi. I am sitting in an internet cafe and I don't have the means right now to copy the writing I've done about my experience so far -- which is on my laptop -- so I'll keep this pretty brief. I just want to let whoever is reading this (still probably just Ruth, but perhaps others of you if you've gotten word that I am finally going to have semi-frequent internet access)(semi-frequent by Georgian standards, that is) know that I am fine but still a bit overwhelmed by this entire experience. I'm going to try to write as much as I can about everything, but I could write a book at this point and still only scratch the surface. This week has felt like six years. Anyway, journal entries to come, so stay tuned, but until then I miss all of you and I wish you could somehow experience the craziness that is this yourself.