Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bonus Post Slash Anecdote. Or: Really, I Do Some Work Around Here.

Perhaps you are thinking that I must not do much work, what with all the blog posting. Well, for one, I write the lengthy blog posts at home, in the evening, when I have nothing to do but write blog posts, listen to podcasts, and watch "Formula For Success" on BBC World 11 or 273 times in a row. Also, I would like to share with you an instance of my productivity so far today:

A man came into the office holding a liquid-filled vial. On this vial were instructions in English. So he and a coworker of mine asked me to translate this vial for him. To translate things like, "For intramuscular use only," and other phrases that I learned in training during our "Georgian pharmacology words" unit, but have unfortunately forgotten. So, together, as a wonderful example of cross-cultural achievement, we went through the dictionary looking for words like "muscle" and "goat" and "sheep" and "horse." Through pantomime, I think I got across everything on the vial that i actually understood.

Then, when the man left, my coworker informed me that this man is the town's veterinarian. Honestly, what would this place do if I was not here? I expect a thank-you bouquet from the man whose cow will be saved by that vial of medicine.

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