Monday, October 29, 2007

A bunch of photos. Or: If you're reading this in Georgia, this post will destroy your internet connection. You're welcome!

Firstly, a few photos from the aforementioned weekend with Lithuanians:

This is a photograph of me contemplating a photograph of a man with a hatchet, which must be a piece of significant historical importance, because it resides in the local "Museum of Local Lore," which is pronounced "lor-ey" when actual locals attempt to pronounce it. I do not pretend to look down my nose at these people for this fact, incidentally. If Georgian had random, silent letters in half its words, I might take this man's hatchet and do terrible things with it.

This is a photo of me with a coworker of mine showing off a sword that was sitting on a table at the old house in the country that I mentioned in that post about the Lithuanian weekend. You can see by my textbook stance that I have samurai training, whereas my coworker is definitely putting too much weight on her back leg, causing her to be in too defensive a position should an attack occur. Also she has made the tactical error of holding a sheath instead of a sword. The sheath part does you no good in battle. I have so much wisdom to impart upon her in a mere two years.

This photo is me striking a cowboy pose -- because cowboys always wear black leather office shoes and wool topcoats -- on top of a statue of a bucking horse that sits near a random bridge over a random stream in a random village near here. Do not ask me why this statue exists. Nobody explained it to me. Perhaps it commemorates the Very First Horse to Exist. You had no idea that all the horses you see are progeny of this horse in a village in Georgia, did you? I'm glad I could be of service.

Secondly, there is no secondly, because I have decided to make Halloween its own post, instead of just posting some photos. Also, I have pretty much finished part one of Better Know A Georgia, so that should be coming down the pipe pretty soon. So much content for you, and all for such a nominal fee! You didn't know that there was a fee, did you? Seriously, I'm tracking all of you, and as soon as I get back to America I will track you down and charge you for every single post you've read. This fee is waived if you send me a package. My address will soon be posted on the sidebar. That is all. For now. I'm watching you.

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