Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For the family-types. Or: The human family, that is. Don't you dare skip this post.

For all the family-types who read this blog, here is an amusing photograph of a whiteboard I used yesterday during my English lesson at work, which was centered around practicing the discussion of families:
Just so you know how famous you are.....among the four people who attended this lesson. We spent a good hour talking about you. I also realized that I am not, with 100% certainty, sure exactly how many children each of my relatives has. This is a Bad Thing. I must sit at the losers table at the next family reunion.

There may be a more lengthy post about English lessons, which are ridiculous, because I am not qualified whatsoever to teach them. But not right now, because I am about to unload upon you a truly brobdingnagian (props to thesaurus.com) post that I wrote last night. Are you watching? Watch this. Watch what I do right here. Bam!

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