Sunday, February 18, 2007

Orgies. Seriously. Read On.

Comment from Ruth:

I look forward to hearing about your escapades in Georgia. I know absolutely nothing about it.
Squat toilets are supposed to be good for your body, and uh, the process. But yes, as I'm considering teaching in China right now, that definitely is not an incentive to go there.
Tell us what you'll be doing in Georgia, when you're going, and all the important stuff!
So, I realized I hadn't summarized everything for people that I don't talk to every day and that maybe I should do that. I'm leaving for Georgia mid-June (the 12th, I think, though I don't have the paper in front of me), and I'm coming home a few weeks before that to prepare. So if you're anywhere near Champaign then or looking for a reason to come down, make "seeing Dan before he leaves for two years" that reason. I'll be there for 27 months assisting NGOs; I could end up doing anything from helping established NGOs get a better infrastructure going or learn how to use the internet as a tool or things of that nature to helping a start-up organization get basic equipment. I won't know until I get there. I also won't know where in the country I'll be until I get there. Adds to the anxiety of the entire endeavor.

Some interesting new facts, courtesy of New Friend Jenny Groza, who is in the Peace Corps in Azerbaijan (next to Georgia):
it's great that Georgians are hospitable but trust me, you'll get so sick of being forced to eat and drink wine. Guys especially…one GA volunteer I met over New Year's was saying that every time he goes to someone's house for dinner, he ends up being forced to drink bottle after bottle of wine (out of one of those sweet horns) until he's too drunk to speak.
To be fair, I have experience with this. Recent experience even. Though, in my experience, it's 17 year old female relatives of good friends doing the forcing. Take my (swear to god true) word on this: interesting as it may sound, you do NOT want a 17 year old Argentinian girl shoving alcohol at you and cussing.
you also might be interested to know that I heard the G5 (you'll be G6 I think) volunteers supposedly engage in orgies???? Ha. I'm a bad person for spreading gossip to you, but I just thought you'd like to know.
You're god damned straight I want to know if I'm in for two years of drunken carnal monkey sex. Who's coming with me??

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Ruth said...

Haha Orgies, eh? Well at least you'll be prepared.

So it looks like I'll actually have some time off at that point in the year! As in some mondays and fridays off. So it'd be cool to make a quick trip to Chambana. Hopefully I'll have a job lined up at that point in the year and won't need to use that time traveling the country begging people to hire me.

You should get other people to comment on your blog so I'm not the only one. Maybe Emilia will step up.

Oh, and what is NGO? Didn't Doug do the peace corp in Africa? He might have advice about the experience. While it'd be scary not knowing where you were going until you got there, it seems like you're with a good program and you're probably not headed to a place about to break out in civil war or where people have the plague and other awful diseases. So I'm sure you'll do fine.