Monday, February 5, 2007

Welcome to the all-new, all-NUDE blog

New blog URL, new blog title, same penetrating commentary (hehe...I said commentary).

This will be the Official Blog for the 27 months I'm in Georgia in the Peace Corps, so, seriously....check early, check often, send me e-mails, all that stuff. I'll try to get back into the self-absorbed self-analysis blogging groove by posting some over the next few months before I leave, but it'll become a more crucial conduit between ME and YOU once June comes around, and you'll want to know all about my Caucasian debauchery, every last lurid detail.

I expect you to make this blog your homepage. You must check it before you check the news, or the weather, or the sports scores. It shall be your muse, your confidant, your lover. Don't be scared. You and this blog are going to be BFF.

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