Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Post 2: Less interesting, WITH update! Also, Get Rich Quick tips

The last post was much more interesting, but I suppose that the entire PURPOSE of this blog is to chronicle my journey such that, after I am gruesomely killed by Chechen pirates, there will be a narrative device in the eventual film to be made in my honor and memory. This post will be read in the film by Morgan Freeman, who will play me.

MORGAN: I suppose that, in this process, I've really discovered how alike we all are. We all share space on this blue orb of a planet, all breathe the same air, all shoot the same black market Soviet rifles at each other. It's enough to make a man want to cry. Either that, or the pain in his mouth. Ask me tomorrow and I'll know which.

That's right -- it's wisdom tooth removal time! I came home to get it done because I didn't want to be sitting for two days in the apartment that I sublet with two (relative) strangers, popping painkillers and drooling soup and spit on the furniture. So I'm here and hopefully it goes fine. Perhaps I'll update WHILE I'm on painkillers, just for yuks. "DFSDFSGZFRZRF, SDDZSFG$#$$$$$$!!!!!" I'll say.

Anyway, I have also been dealing with Peace Corps stuff tonight. Finally sent in my updated, Peace-Corps-Georgia-relevant resume and "aspiration statement," in which I had to answer questions about my "strategies for working effectively with host country partners to meet expressed needs," or, essentially, try to stretch "I learned good in school and that's really all I know about that" into an erudite several paragraphs. I also had to decide whether to fill out Peace Corps' ridiculous "press kit questionnaire," which is a fill in the blank press release that has "(your city here) RESIDENT JOINS THE PEACE CORPS!!!!!" in big letters at the top and gets worse from there. You're supposed to insert your personal information and have Peace Corps send it to your local newspaper and even, IF YOU WANT, your COLLEGE PAPER, as if having either (a) your small-ass local newspaper fawn over you, or (b) ignore your press release completely and consider you to be a self-promoting asshole sounds just super awesome to you. I decided against filling out the press form. But I did send an e-mail to some editors at the News-Gazette explaining that I'm from Champaign, that I'll be going to Georgia with the Peace Corps, and that I am a Classically Trained Journalist who wants to write a column for the N-G from Georgia so that I can (a) educate the central Illinois populace about the world and how we can help it, and (b) make money. We shall see if they respond. I think I pitched the idea pretty well, but who knows how the N-G deals with such things. I've seen them print much stupider things. And you know you'd read it. You're reading THIS, for God's sake. And I don't even put any EFFORT into this.

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